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Professional resources

These resources present the research, recommendations and advice we’ve developed through the Drink Wise, Age Well programme. They include:



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Guides for practitioners


  • Changing a culture

    Drawing on the experiences of staff and participants, this film explores ways of changing a culture of drinking in older adults.

  • Calling Time for Change Charter

    This short animation presents the calls to action from our charters, emphasising the importance of prevention.

  • Making the Partnership Work

    Drink Wise, Age Well’s strategic board explores what makes a successful partnership work.

  • The Kick

    Produced in partnership with the Village Storytelling Centre, Drink Wise, Age Well participants in Glasgow talk about what led them to make positive changes.

  • Vintage Street

    This social media campaign aimed to increase awareness and reduce stigma by following four characters through changes in their lives.


This webinar series shares important learning and insights from Drink Wise, Age Well as our experts by experience share what worked for them in their recovery.

  • Part 1: Evidence and need

    This part explores the particular needs of over 50s in relation to alcohol and the barriers that can stop them getting the help they need.

  • Part 2: Approaches and insights

    This part explores some of the Drink Wise, Age Well interventions and what works for the over 50s in approach and practice.

  • Part 3: Experts by experience

    In this part we hear from the experts by experience who participated in the programme. John N, John S, Pauline and Sarah have an open and frank discussion about their experiences and journeys.

  • Part 4: Women and alcohol

    Pauline and Sarah have an open and honest discussion about how alcohol affected their lives, and especially their roles as mothers.

  • Part 5: Alcohol and healthy ageing

    This part explores alcohol and healthy ageing, and gives some practical tips on how to drink wise and age well.